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PM Rowley Knocks United TTFA's Victory

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"Another such victory and we shall be utterly ruined."

Borrowing from Greek history, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, on his Facebook page, shared how he saw the United TTFA victory against FIFA in the Port of Spain High Court last night.

Justice Carol Gobin ruled that FIFA's decision to remove the William Wallace administration was "illegal, null and void, and of no effect," and ordered FIFA to pay United TTFA's legal costs.

Referring to Pyrrhus, King of Epirus from the Pyrrhic wars 2,000 years ago, Dr. Rowley said success that comes at such a high price and at other people's expense sometimes results in the price of the "victory" proving too costly to have been worth it.

He said what it means is that "We, boys and girls, men and women, are free to play by ourselves and against ourselves because nobody will be allowed to play with or against us."

He said what that means is that we can never lose and will always win because we will only be playing by ourselves.

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