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Chinese Foreign Minister Is Frustrated | Europe Stand By the U.S.| Xi Jinping Never Agrees

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Czech Senate President Milos Vystrčil, who visited Taiwan on Sept. 1, addressed the legislative chamber. This was the first time in 45 years that a foreign speaker addressed the Legislative chamber in Taiwan.
Vystrčil’s actions angered Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Europe and had already arrived in Germany on the last stop of his European tour. Wang said that the Chinese government and the Chinese people “will not sit by idly.” And “We must make him pay a heavy price for his short-sighted actions and political opportunism.”

Wang’s two-week visit to Europe was aimed at testing China’s relationship with Europe, and to counter the United States’ influence in Europe. But Wang Yi did not expect that this trip would neither have a good start nor a decent end.

Wang Yi's criticism of the Czech Republic almost instantly united Europe's traditionally divided nations.
Two weeks prior, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had concluded his visit to the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria and Poland. The United States is working hard to establish a transatlantic alliance against the CCP. As Pompeo finished his European trip, Wang Yi began his. It is clear that Europe is the continuation of the conflict between the United States and China and Both countries are seeking its support.
During his eight-day visit to Europe, Wang Yi also drew attention to China's rapid rebound official economic data, the CCP has always believed in the persuasiveness of economic benefits.
It is clear that Europe is now moving closer to the United States. The events that have occurred continuously in 2020 have made European countries become aware of the importance of values and principles. Pompeo said when he visited Europe in July: Europe is not choosing sides between China and the United States, but choosing between freedom and totalitarianism.
On August 25, China’s most important official media used 30,000 words in three full pages to refute Pompeo’s speech at the Nixon Presidential Library in California. The first item in the rebuttal was Pompeo's claim that the Chinese people do not equal the Chinese Communist Party.
On September 3, Chinese leader Xi Jinping expressed 5 things that he would never agree to at a symposium in Beijing. The first of these is that the Chinese people will never agree to any attempt by anyone or any force to separate or antagonize the CPC and the Chinese people.

The CCP has always tied itself to the Chinese people. When Wang Yi threatened the speaker of the Czech Parliament, he regarded himself as a representative of the Chinese people. He said: "Vitzy's visit to Taiwan is an enemy of 1.4 billion Chinese people."
The United States has made a clear cut between the CCP and the Chinese people. Wang Yi’s unhappy travel in Europe may make the CCP realize that the international situation has changed a lot. More European countries are choosing to stand with the United States. In a sense, it can be said that Europe has also chosen To stand with the Chinese people.

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